History | Introduction to Latin American Graduate Studies
H665 | 14934 | Gould

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with LTAM-L501

This reading seminar will focus on several themes in 20th century
Latin American history as well as critical debates in neighboring
fields. This course aims to provide students with a familiarity with
the basic literature as well as gain insight into different
methodological approaches to the study of culture, politics, and
society.  Themes will include the following:

1.	Latin America in the 1930s  from La Matanza to Carden
2.	What role did the discourses of mestizaje (mixed-race
society) and contemporary state indigenista policies (integration of
the Indian into national society) play in the construction of
hegemony in Latin America?  The democratic revolution in Guatemala
will provide one case study and Nicaragua another.
3.	The use of Visual Media in Latin American Studies
4.	1968 in Latin America   rebellion, revolution, and the
	Wallerstein thesis.
5.	Civil Wars in Central America: ethnic relations, utopias,
and the Cold War.
6.	How does gender analysis alter our understanding of con
	temporary history?
7.	The Politics of Memory and the study of collective memory.
8.	Post modern societies (?) and Latin American Studies.

Students will produce short essays as well as one historiographical
essay.  Books will include,  Mallon, Florencia. Courage Tastes of
Blood;  Stern, Steve Battling for Hearts and Minds; Grandin, Greg.
The Blood of Guatemala; Rodriguez, Ileana. Women, Guerrillas, and
Love; Andermann, J. and W. Row Images of Power; Gould and Lauria, To
Rise in Darkness; Hale, CR, Mas que Un Indio, Robinson, William,
Transnational Conflicts.