History | The Geographic as a Category of Historical Analysis
H750 | 8186 | Dierks

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with AMST-G751 and CULS-C701

An extraordinary amount of current historical scholarship is being
focused on geographic categories of analysis:  “the global,” “the
Atlantic,” the transnational, diaspora, borderlands, urbanization,
imperialism, cosmopolitanism -- the list goes on and on.  This
course will first examine some theoretical and conceptual issues
concerning the relationship between the historical and the
geographic.  To what degree, for instance, is the geographic either
presupposing or subsuming the question of historical
transformation?  How does one relate the geographic to matters of
social structure?  Thereafter, the bulk of the course will be
devoted to the preparation of an original research paper deploying a
geographic category of analysis.