History | Children and Childhood in Modern America
J301 | 12900 | Grossberg

Above class reserved for teacher certification Social Studies
students.  Enrollment in other Education courses required.  Contact
Dorothy Slota, Education 1064 for online authorization and
Above class COLL intensive writing section

This seminar will examine the history of children and childhood in
the United States from the late nineteenth century to the present.
Changes in the status of children and in conceptions of childhood
will be the central focus of the class.  Topics to be studied
include schooling, juvenile justice, toys, childrenís literature,
sports, immigration, and politics.  Students will explores these
topics by analyzing books, essays, films, paintings, and other
materials and by participating in weekly discussions.  Each student
will be asked to complete a number of assignments such as film
analyses, lesson plans, and research papers.  The class materials,
discussions, and assignments are also intended to challenge students
to think about the implications of bringing children and childhood
into American history.