History | Plague in Global History
J400 | 8191 | Carmichael

Above class open to majors only
Above class open to undergraduates only
J400:  P-HIST-J300

This is a research seminar. We will have common readings and
discussions, but you will need to identify a research topic soon
after the course begins, and commit to that topic before the first
week of February. Research requires finding (and being able to read)
original sources, and to identify the larger historical issues that
those sources can address. Your sources need to be sufficient to
write a longer (20-25 page) final research paper. You will also be
expected to present parts of your ongoing work periodically, both
orally in class and in writing tasks that can then be used toward
the final project. Plague is a topic that connects to most aspects
of history, on every continent and in most historical eras. There
are many  and very diverse  possibilities for research