Honors | Human Origins and Prehistory (ANTH)
A105 | 5205 | April Sievert

DIS Th 1:25-2:15pm
LEC MW 12:20-1:10pm

Homo sapiens  that fascinating, unpredictable, creative and clever
species! This introductory course takes you to the past to meet early
human ancestors who lived over 4 million years ago. It takes you into
the trees to meet some of our primate relatives. It takes you inside
human cells, to learn how genes work. And it takes you into the caves
of Europe where archaeologists seek the history of the Neanderthals.
If you are curious about evolution or intrigued by archaeology, this
is a course for you. We will use illustrated lectures, hands-on labs,
discussions, and debates to explore some of the questions and answers
that scholars have about the history of the human species and the
creations of ancient people from stone tools to pyramids.  S & H
Distribution credit.

Students in the honors section read more challenging material and
will engage in a creative project.