Honors | Great Novels of the 19th Century (FRIT)
F443 | 24818 | Emanuel Mickel

TuTh 11:15am-12:30pm

In F443 we shall read five French novels from the nineteeth century:
Stendhal's Rouge et le Noir, Fromentin's Dominique, Barbey
d'Aurevilly's L'Ensorcelee, Balzac's La Recherche de l'Absolu, and
Zola's L'Assommoir.  In Stendhal we shall focus on the first novel
which has what one might call an anti-hero, but our focus will be on
Stendhal's use of the moment and time in French history to create
such a person.  Fromentin's novel is autobiographical and draws on
the rich tradition of classical philosophy for its meaning.
Fromentin was also an outstanding painter and perhaps the best art
critic of the nineteenth century.  L'Ensorcelee probes the life of
rebellion against the French Revolution and the overwhelming power
that one figure can gain over another.  In both Fromentin and Barbey
we shall explore the importance of silence and what is not said.  In
Balzac and Zola we study the progression of realism to naturalism,
from the obsession of an man with science to the rise and fall of a
woman in the Paris working neighborhood.  If this is not enough, let
me know.  Thanks, Professor Mickel Honors Students will write one
longer paper in special consultation with me.