Honors | Europe: Napoleon to the Present (HIST)
H104 | 26915 | Rebecca Spang

DIS W 5:30-6:20pm
LEC MW 11:15am-12:05pm

This course provides both an overview of European history in the
past two centuries and an introduction to the multidisciplinary
study of culture, politics, and society.  Two hundred years ago,
most Europeans were peasants and most European states were
hereditary monarchies.  Today, most Europeans live in cities and
Europe’s governments are, for the most part, parliamentary
democracies.  Exploring these transformations and people’s responses
to them, this course confronts a host of changes in everyday ideas
and ordinary lives.  Ranging from the organization of self-conscious
political and artistic movements (such as socialism or Modernism) to
the development of new means of communication and transportation,
the course focuses on social practices and cultural techniques.
Lectures and a textbook will provide an overview of social and
political developments, but students are also expected to work
closely with primary sources (texts and images produced at the time)
including memoirs, political tracts, images, and works of fiction.

Grades will be based on three exams (25% each) and participation in
discussion classes (25%). Students are required to write a short
response paper (1-2 pages) for each discussion class.