Honors | Integr Freshman Lrng Experience II (BIOL)
H112 | 5250 | George Rebec, Sidney Shaw

Course format: Lab: ARR.

Requirements: Registration by approval only.

Course description: H112 is the second semester of a two-term
sequence open only to those students accepted to the IFLE project
(http://hhmi.bio.indiana.edu/ifle/index.html) and who have completed
H111.  These courses are combined lab and lecture courses that
stress the development of inquiry skills.  This two semester
sequence is divided into three 10-week modules, with the middle
module spanning both fall and spring semesters.  Module I focuses on
protein structure and function, and how the properties of
macromolecules relate to the functions of cells and organisms.
Module II focuses on genes and genetics, and how mutations in genes
get translated into changes at the organismal level.  Module III
focuses on neurocircuits and behavior.  In all three modules,
students define specific questions that they wish to answer, and use
state-of-the art laboratory equipment to help derive answers to
these questions.  Each module culminates in a written report that
comprises the majority of the final grade.

Required text:   Students are not required to purchase a specific
text. Multiple texts are available on reserve for the class.