Honors | Flash of Fireflies (HON)
H226 | 25365 | Samrat Upadhyay

TuTh 9:30-10:45am

For its compression and sudden insights, Nobel Prize laureate Nadine
Gordimer has likened the short story to “a flash of fireflies.”

H226 is a story writing workshop, where for an entire semester we
will immerse ourselves in the art of writing the story, learning its
compression as well as the innumerable ways it can offer insights
into the human condition. The short story is a challenging form, but
also something that can give immense pleasure to the author as well
as the reader. We grow as writers when we read other writings, study
them, and see what’s done well and what’s not done well. So, we will
not only read works of other writers—published authors as well as
your own colleagues—but also learn to articulate our analytical
skills in written critiques and class discussion. More importantly,
we will produce our own writing (3 stories, a total of 30-45 pages,
and one story substantially revised), a process which will help us
understand, experientially, how various aspects of the story come
together to give it organic unity. We will read an anthology of
international short fiction, representing a variety of styles and
concerns, as well as a book on the craft of fiction. In addition, we
will read two contemporary story collections that showcase some of
the best of contemporary short fiction. Overall, this is a
stimulating course, where you will learn to be a short story writer
through writing, and reading and critiquing—then, writing some more.