Honors | Honors Course in Differential Equations II (MATH)
S344 | 12922 | Jiri Dadok

TuTh 2:30-3:45pm

P for M343: M212. P for M344: M301 or M303, and M343. Ordinary
differential equations and methods for their solution, including
series methods and the Laplace transform. Applications of
differential equations. Systems, stability, and numerical methods.
Partial differential equations of mathematical physics, Fourier
series. M343, I Sem., II Sem., SS; M344, II Sem.

This course may be taken for honors credit by obtaining consent
from me and registering for the "S" section. Students in S344 will
be required to work additional HW and exam problems. Students in
M344 are invited to work these problems for extra credit.