Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Intro to Therapeutic Recreation
R277 | 8666 | Steve Lewis

Description of course content:  This course is an introduction to
therapeutic recreation including history, philosophy, programs,
treatment, settings, and research. It is also an introduction to
disabilities and populations served.

Required Book List:

Austin, D.R. & Crawford, M.E. (2000).  Therapeutic Recreation: An
Introduction (3rd edition). 	Allyn & Bacon Publishing: Needham
Heights, MA.

Austin, D.R. (2000). Glossary of Recreation Therapy and Occupational
Therapy. Venture 	Publishing: State College: PA.

Summary of Assignments: Assignments will be presented in a variety
of formats including, but not limited to: volunteer hours,
experience papers, in-class discussions and activities, group
presentations, and disability-related movie reviews.  Two to three
exams will also be included as evaluation tools in this course.