International Studies | Culture & the Arts: Int'l Perspective
I201 | 8809 | Tuohy, S

Course Description and Objectives: I201 introduces students to forms
of culture and artistic expression in different parts of the world
as well as to contemporary debates about the relations between
culture, the arts, and identity.  Rather than survey the world’s
cultures and arts, the course will focus on issues, methods and
materials for the study of culture and the arts cross-culturally and
internationally. We will move between theoretical approaches and
case studies of particular arts and cultures. Particular attention
will be paid to public sites of interaction and display, such as the
internet and museums.  Students also will be introduced to the
resources available at I.U. and beyond, with an eye toward future
research and career choices. Among the primary course objectives are
1. Explore cultures and arts (in different periods, places, and
forms) in terms of their commonalities and differences as well as to
develop a more global perspective on human behavior;
2. Enhance understanding of the meanings, functions, and contexts of
culture and the arts as forms of human expression;
3. Learn about different approaches and methods for studying,
describing, and analyzing aspects of culture, the arts, and their
historical and social contexts;
4. Develop a critical understanding of the concepts about and the
dynamics of globalization;
5. Continue to refine skills for studying, critical reading and
thinking, research, and writing.

Much of the course will be conducted in a seminar format, with ample
opportunity for class discussion and illustration of material.
Students with interests in particular topics, places, and/or
artistic forms may pursue them in assignments.