International Studies | Globalization Past & Present
I300 | 27171 | Selmier, W.T.

This is a survey course discussing globalization past and present
with a focus on the emergence of global markets and the actions and
reactions of nation-states.  Globalization is, of course, a
process.  The process of globalization is pushed forward by actors
on international, national and sub-national levels, and has occurred
in fits and starts.  This course is concerned predominantly with 2
periods in which intensive globalization took place—the latter half
of the 19th century and the present—but will also bring up earlier
periods as well.
Four broadly defined “markets” will be examined:  one, oil and
natural resources; two, immigration and labor; three, information
and information flows; four, international finance.  We will also
consider the actions, strategies and responses of nation-states,
multinational corporations, international and non-governmental
organizations and some individuals as they attempt to push or retard
globalization, or to simply cope with, and respond to, its