International Studies | Inernational Studies Capstone Seminar
I400 | see | class schedule see class schedule

This course is restricted to Seniors only, International Studies
Majors, Minors only.
Working independently under the direction of faculty mentors,
students in this seminar develop capstone projects that integrate
their thematic and regional concentration coursework and
international experience in an original research paper, fieldwork,
internship or performance, as appropriate. Students come together in
the seminar to present their final projects to the class. The
seminar format provides opportunities for peer input and critique of
projects and wider sharing of content.

NOTE: You no longer need to be authorized to sign up for INTL I
400.  Just sign up for the class. If you are doing departmental
Honors, contact Tracy Bee ( You need to be
authorized to sign up for the Honors section.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you make preparations for the class.
These include:
-          talking to Dr. Knudsen ahead of time about your tentative
thesis idea
-          identify and talk with possible thesis mentors
-          Note that professors are not required to serve as
mentors. You might get turned down. You might get beat out by
another INTL student.

Doing these things will make your life in the early weeks of I400
much, much easier. The first assignment in I400 is to write a five
sentence paragraph detailing your topic for the semester, three
reasons why it is an important topic of study, and how the topic
fits with the studentís theme, region, language and international
experience. As a result it is crucial that students arrive to the
first day of class with a clear idea of what their topic is and who
will serve as their project mentor.