Jewish Studies | Advanced Hebrew II
H350 | 8869 | --

JSTU-H 350 #8869 Advanced Hebrew II (3 cr.)

Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in JSTU-H 300 or a Hebrew score
of 15 or higher.

MWF 12:20-1:10 p.m.

This course is offered as the sixth semester course of the Modern
Hebrew program. It meets three times a week. It addresses the
advanced level. This course is based on topics covered in the first
two years of the Modern Hebrew program as well as in the H300/H670
course. This course covers the essentials of Modern Hebrew grammar,
conversation, composition, and reading comprehension. Readings
prepare students to work with advanced literary and academic Hebrew

This course is conducted solely in Hebrew. It offers reading
selections from the textbook as well as some Modern Hebrew
literature, Israeli newspapers, poetry and other materials. As such,
students are familiarized with various writing styles including
slang, journalistic, poetic and academic writing genres. Listening
comprehension skills are further developed by exposure to Israeli
media. Written assignments, long term projects, and in-class
presentations allow students to master their Hebrew abilities while
developing well-rounded linguistic skills.

Fulfils: Jewish Studies Language/Literature course.