Jewish Studies | Colloquium in Jewish Studies
H520 | 25559 | M. Lehmann

JSTU-H 520 Colloquium in Jewish Studies (3 cr.) Matthias Lehmann
(Meets with HIST-H 620)
Topic: Approaches to Jewish Studies
Tuesdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.

This colloquium will introduce graduate students to the study of
Jewish civilization from a multi-disciplinary perspective, exploring
a number of central themes which have informed research in Jewish
Studies in recent years. Topics will include, among others,
questions of homeland, diaspora, and identity; Midrash and Jewish
literature; medieval encounters with Islam and Christendom;
violence; gender and the writing of Jewish history; Judaism,
modernity, and modern Judaism; nationalism and Zionism; history and
memory. The colloquium will also feature text-based discussions led
by faculty affiliated with Jewish Studies from a variety of
different disciplines.

Students are expected to write several short book reports, one 5-
page exploratory bibliographical essay, and a 20-page final paper on
a topic of their choice. They will be graded on the basis of their
written work, participation in class discussions, and an oral

Required course for all doctoral minors.