Jewish Studies | The Arab-Israeli Conflict
J204 | 25560 | D. Tsimhoni

JSTU-J 204 Social & Historical Topics in Jewish Studies (3 cr.)
Daphne Tsimhoni
Topic: The Arab-Israeli Conflict #25560
TR 4:00-5:30

Important note: This course will begin on Tuesday, January 29 so
there will be no free drop period.

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Since its inception, the Arab-Israeli conflict has dominated the
political agenda and many aspects of life in Israel, the Middle
East, and beyond. This course will introduce the students to the
origins of the conflict in the late nineteenth century, the British
pledge for a Jewish national home and the British mandate for
Palestine, the development of the conflict from a local to a
regional one, involving the Arab states. We will study the
establishment of the State of Israel, the 1948 war and the creation
of the Palestinian problem in its various aspects; both the 1956
Suez war and the Six Days 1967 war and their impact on Israel and
the Middle East.

We will discuss the emergence of the PLO and the Palestinian
organizations, the first Lebanon war, the road to the first
Palestinian uprising (intifada), and to the peace accords. We will
conclude by discussing the wars and the prospects for peace.	
The course will be based on historical studies, various
documentation, documentary films, and websites.

Course requirements: two midterm take-home exams and a final essay.

Fulfills: Jewish Studies History & Society course; S&H