Jewish Studies | Jews, Muslims, & Christians in Israeli
J304 | 25561 | D. Tsimhoni

JSTU-J 304 Social & Historical Topics in Jewish Studies/3 cr./
Daphne Tsimhoni
Topic: Jews, Muslims, & Christians in Israel #25561
TR 6:30-8:00

Important note: This course will begin on Tuesday, January 29 so
there will be no free drop period.

JS major and area certificate students: All seats have been set
aside for you and for some Religious Studies majors. Email Carolyn
Lipson-Walker ( to request a seat.

Established as the nation state of the Jewish people, Israel has an
ethno-religious, socioculturally diverse population.  This course
will introduce students to this diversity and its impact on Israeli
politics and society. We will explore the historical origins of this
complexity: The religious significance of the Holy Land, the
preservation of Ottoman and British mandatory traditions, the 1948
war and the mass immigration to Israel from Europe and the Middle
East. We will examine the socio-cultural and religious diversity
within the Jewish majority that extends far beyond the common
division between western European (Ashkenazim) and Middle Eastern
(Mizrahim) and the Palestinian Arab minority that is no less complex
and includes Muslims, Christians, Druze and smaller communities.
Based on socio-historical research and documentaries, we will
discuss the following issues: Is the breach between the Jewish
majority and the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel bridgeable? Is
there a 'demographic issue' in Israel? and if so, what is its impact
on Israeli politics? Who are the 'Arab Jews'? Can they form a bridge
between Jews and Arabs? Is there an Israeli identity? What are its

Course requirements: two midterm take-home exams and a final essay.

Fulfills: Jewish Studies History & Society course or Religion &
Thought course; S&H