Labor Studies | Labor and the Economy
L230 | 25368 | Duggan, Lynn

LSTU-L 230 Labor and The Economy 3 cr hrs; Class Number 25368; 1:00-
2:15 PM, Tuesday and Thursday. This course is an introduction to the
situation of workers in the US economy, as well as a framework to
understand techniques of worker control, the determinants of
productivity growth, workers' cost of job loss, and the effects of
unemployment on workers’ and unions’ bargaining power.  We
incorporate an analysis of social policy and its redistribution of
free market outcomes in different countries; the global context
surrounding the US economy; and the role of unions in labor-
management cooperation.  This course requires no background in
economics–we’ll learn the basic tools necessary for analyzing work
and organized labor from both mainstream economics and political
economy perspectives. Instructor:  Lynn Duggan, DLS, IUB.