Labor Studies | Union Organizing
L280 | 9008 | Hammer, Frank

The following is a web based course offered through ONCOURSE:

LSTU-L 280 Union Organizing  3 cr hrs; Class Number 9008.  Many in
the labor movement believe that labor's existence depends on new
organizing. But what exactly does organizing entail?  What works and
what doesn’t?  The course will provide an in-depth understanding of
how to organize a union. We will address topics such as corporate
tactics to defeat union drives, and union responses; the role of the
community in union organizing; and innovative new labor strategies
in organizing.  We will also discuss skills useful for any labor,
student, or community organizer, such as one-on-one communication,
building labor-community partnerships, public speaking, using the
media, and working with religious organizations.  Instructor: Frank