Labor Studies | Anti-Discrimination Law: Overview
L290 | 11750 | Galloway, Laura

LSTU-L 290 Anti-Discrimination Law:  Overview 1 cr hr; Class Number
11750; 5:45-8:25 PM, Wednesday, PY111. Class meets March 26, April
2, 9, 16 and 23. Most people know there are laws that protect
workers from unlawful discrimination,  but who is protected and how
do these laws protect employees?  This course will provide an
overview of  anti-discrimination laws that apply to the workplace
and explore some of the controversies surrounding these laws. We
will also discuss how these laws impact employers and labor unions.
In addition, emerging issues and trends related to anti-
discrimination protections will be examined.  Instructor: Laura
Galloway, Affirmative Action, IUBL.