Labor Studies | Directed Labor Study - Exchange Program in Brazil
L495 | 28324 | Mello, William

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LSTU-L 495 Directed Labor Studies – Exchange Program in Brazil 3 cr
hrs; Class Number 28324.  Application Deadline is December 1, 2007.
For more information, contact William Mello at  The
emergency of the Workers’ Party nationally as well as in many state
and local municipal serves as the backdrop for students to get a
first hand account of the process whereby social movements play a
major role in reconstructing society for the benefit of the
majority.  During eleven days students will engage in a variety of
activities including:  meet with regional and national leaders in
labor and social movements; meet with regional and national leaders
of Brazil’s Workers Party (PT) and examine first hand the process of
participatory democracy; and visit community organization, worker-
controlled factories, unions, rural and industrial cooperatives,
peasant land occupations, as well as cultural and historical sites
in the southern region of Brazil.  Travel Dates:  March 6-17, 2008.
Instructor: William Mello, DLS, IUK.