Political Science | Politics of Diversity
Y200 | 10650 | Hanks

The late Barbara Jordan, the first African American female to
represent Texas in Congress, is famous for her statement at the
Nixon impeachment hearing that the U.S. Constitution’s preamble’s
introduction, “we the people,” originally did not include her.” Yet
as she stated, “through the process of amendment, interpretation,
and court decision,” she and other have been included. Since the
time that constitutional rights were the exclusive domain of
propertied white males, political action has been successful in
expanding the ranks of those who have rights to white women, people
of color, the young, senior citizens, the mentally and physically
challenged, as well as gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and the trans-
gendered. This course will examine the efforts of these and other
groups whose identities have become the basis for political action.