Political Science | Ethics and Public Policy
Y379 | 29667 | Failer

2nd 8 weeks

This class focuses on three important questions that lay at the
intersection of ethics and public policy. First, which morally
problematic means are justified in pursuing valuable political ends?
Second, what should the ends of public policy be? Third, what are
the moral responsibilities of public officials when they try to
answer the first two questions? We will begin each session by
evaluating the theory on its own terms. In our second hour, we will
apply the principles derived from ethical theory to concrete cases
in public policy. We will also use the cases to test the adequacy of
the ethical theory.
	Because this is an eight-week course, it will be quite
	Requirements include class attendance and participation, one
oral presentation, one short paper, one midterm examination, one
final examination, and several brief in-class writing assignments.
	There are no prerequisites for the course.