Psychology and Brain Sciences | Biological Rythms & Behaviors
P457 | 25040 | Timberlake, W.

Recurrent Biological Rhythms lie at the heart of behaviors ranging
from momentary fluctuations in attention to seasonal changes in
affect and immune system function. Some rhythms appear independent of
external cues, others are entrained and/or triggered by specific
cues, and still others are modified more continuously by
environmental input.  We will focus on ultradian, circadian, and
seasonal rhythms as they relate to adaptive behavior, evolution, and
health. The course will begin with a basic introduction to
biological rhythms before moving to more specific topics.

Students will be required to read and discuss relevant topical
literature, provide summary reports of supplmentary readings several
times during the semester, attend periodic guest lectures, and write
and present a summary of a final paper on a relevant topic chosen in
consultation with the professor.  In addition the introductory
section of the course may require a brief examination to ensure
basic knowledge.