Religious Studies | Topics in Religious Studies Indian Relgious Thought: Hinduism and Buddhism
R202 | 12792 | Karapanagiotis

The above class meets second eight weeks only.
The above class carries Arts and Humanities distribution.

This course is designed as an invitation to think about reality—what
it is, how we are to know it, and how we are to act within it.
However, this course is not an investigation into reality per se
(after all, what is such a thing!), but is rather an examination of
realities— various religious realities as they have been understood
by thinkers in the Indian Buddhist and Hindu philosophical
traditions.  Therefore, throughout the course of the semester, we
will examine and compare the understandings of reality that
underscore the Indian Buddhist and Hindu religious systems of
thought, as well as the ways in which these conceptions of reality
lead to dramatically different understandings of the self, proper
action, methods of knowing, and paths leading followers out of
the “bonds” of suffering.  In so doing, a primary objective for the
course will be to gain a sense that “reality” isn’t necessarily a
given—instead, it is a conception of existence that not only differs
from tradition to tradition but is also highly contested within
individual traditions themselves.