Religious Studies | Intro to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
R210 | 24930 | Weitzman

The above course has Culture Studies (A) and Arts and Humanities

The purpose of this course is to introduce the Hebrew Bible—the
collection of texts referred to by Jews as the Torah or Tanakh and
by Christians as the Old Testament. Who wrote the contents of Hebrew
Bible and why? Did the events it describes really take place--did
people like Abraham and David really exist--and if not, what really
happened in biblical history? And finally, how does one go about
recovering the meaning of the biblical text? What were the authors
of the Bible trying to say and why do they say it in the way that
they do? We will probe these questions as we survey the contents of
the Hebrew Bible and try to place it within the historical/cultural
context of the ancient Near East.

NOTE: Jewish Studies majors can sign up for another section, see
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