Religious Studies | Problems in Social Ethics: Religion and Violence in Latin America
R473 | 26969 | O'Neill

The above course fulfills Intensive Writing.
The above course carries Arts and Humanities distribution.

How does one begin to theorize the relationship between religion and
violence in Latin America?  In Latin America, when has violence
constituted religious practice?  When has violence been the
passionate response to religious orthodoxy?  And, conversely, when
have faith and theology been the reaction to structural violence?
To address these questions, this class will assess a range of links
between religion and violence from the Mexican-American borderlands
to the Southern Cone.  Those links will include human sacrifice,
Spanish conquest and colonization, the religious dimensions of
nation-state formation, genocides and civil wars, the murders of
Roman Catholic clergy, indigenous spirituality and social movements,
as well as Christianity's response to drug trafficking,
transnational street gangs, and free trade agreements.