Slavic Languages and Literatures | Survey of Polish Literature and Culture I: The Middle Ages to 1900
P363 | ALL | Beinek

This course traces the main developments in the history of Polish literature and culture
before 1900 in the context of Western and East European/Slavic traditions, with a
particular focus on the interdependence of history, politics, literature, and the arts.
Topics of interest: Is there a set of topoi and themes with which Polish literature is
concerned across ages?  What genres dominate the Polish literary tradition?  What
connections are there between European/Russian and Polish literature and culture?

Readings from a variety of sources: Medieval religious hymns and lay poetry, Renaissance
epigrams and funerary poetry (Kochanowski), Baroque poetry (Morsztyn) and memoirs
(Pasek), Enlightenment fables and the first Polish novel (Krasicki), Romantic poetry and
drama (Mickiewicz, Slowacki, Krasicki), late Romantic poetry (Norwid), Positivist novels
(Prus, Sienkiewicz).  Readings supplemented by feature films such as Pan Tadeusz and With
Fire and Sword. All texts in English; students with a good reading knowledge of Polish may
read in the original Polish.

Requirements: four papers (1, 3, 5, and 7 pages), no midterm, no final; one oral

Intensive Writing section: 20 pages of writing and one revision (four papers and one
revision) independent of regular class written assignments, as per IU regulations.