Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 10876 | Swando

Sociology is the social science that uses societal structure and
large social patterns to explain human behavior and social
problems.  In this introductory course, you will learn to look at
things from a sociological perspective – which means that you will
learn how an individual’s position within the social structure can
affect his or her experiences and opportunities, which in turn
affects society in general.

This course will take a “social problems” approach, which means we
will be applying sociological concepts and theories to examine a
number of problems and controversies that exist in our society.
Some of the questions we will address in class will be:
•	Why are so many people in this country unable to get
themselves out of poverty?
•	Why are African Americans more likely than whites to be
arrested and imprisoned?
•	Is the American family really in crisis?  How is it
changing, and what effects does it have?
•	Why do so many Americans lack health insurance, and how does
it affect our society?
•	What explains the gender gap in earnings, and what effects
does it have on individual people and our society?