Sociology | Society and the Individual
S230 | 12787 | VonDerHaar

In seeking to explain society, sociologists analyze both large- and
small-scale features of the social system.  In this course, we will
focus on the small-scale features.  Known as micro-sociology or
social psychology, this subject examines aspects of human behavior
that fall into three basic areas:  (1) the influence of social
factors on the individual, (2) social interaction between and among
individuals, and (3) group processes.

As an introduction to social psychology, this class will cover a
full range of questions that social psychologists have posed since
the latter part of the nineteenth century, including:

	How does our sense of self develop?
	Why do we identify with certain groups?
	What causes aggression?
	Why would someone help a stranger?
	Why do people fall in love?
	How do juries make decisions about the guilt or innocence of
a defendant?
	Why do people obey the orders of cruel leaders?

We all want answers to these kinds of questions.  And, this class is
designed to provide some of them.

Required Text:

Von Der Haar, Christine M.  2005.  Social Psychology: A Sociological
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.