Sociology | Gender Roles
S338 | 10897 | Chavez

This course investigates the concepts of femininity and masculinity
as they are defined by society.  Focusing on sociology, we will
explore the multiple ways in which gender roles are assigned,
manipulated, demonstrated, and reinforced.  Our specific culture and
historical moment determines what is considered appropriate or
expected behaviors and attitudes for males and females; there are
few, if any, universal gender roles.  For simplicity, we will focus
almost exclusively on the United States.  In the choice of the
readings and lecture material, I have made a significant effort to
include analyses of race and social class, as they undoubtedly
intersect with gender expectations.  The goal of this course is to
provide you with a better understanding of gender roles; both from a
sociological perspective and as they impact your life.  Using
principles of sociology, we will investigate gender expectations
from a theoretical, cultural, and institutional perspective.  Some
of our topics will include:  gender role expectations,
socialization, feminist and non-feminist theory, the media, the
family, etc.