Sociology | Social Theory
S340 | 10900 | Virk

The classical sociologists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries
asked big questions about the nature of society:  What keeps
societies together? What produces conflict? What shapes human action
and decision-making? What are the social sources of power? How and
why do societies change? They distinguished themselves from
philosophers by working out their answers within the context of the
major social transformations of their period:  the industrialization
of work, the expansion of capitalism, the growth of democracy and
individualism, the rise of the bureaucratic organization, and the
increasing influence of science.  This course explores the
continuing relevance of these classical theorists by examining how
we can use their insights to understand aspects of our own era, such
as consumerism, 21st century work life, social classification,
modern ritual, the information revolution, genetic engineering, and
divisions based on class and race.  This course is also designated
as an Intensive Writing requirement.  Therefore an emphasis
throughout the course will be placed on improving writing skills.
All students should be co-registers in COAS W333.  (You will receive
a separate grade B Satisfactory or Fail B for this COAS part of the