Sociology | Social Theory
S340 | 25199 | Rojas

This course has two goals B introducing students to social theory
and improving your writing skills.  What is social theory?  A social
theory is an attempt to explain some kind of social fact.  For
example, why did the industrial revolution happen?  Why is the
United States the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world?
Why do African-Americans consistently make less money than whites?
Answers to these kinds of questions are called Asocial theories.@
This course is also writing intensive.  My other goal is to help you
develop critical thinking skills and express yourself in words.
Therefore, there will be frequent writing assignments.

This course is not for the meek.  I expect students to work through
some hard tests and to write a lot.  What=s the pay-off?  You will
have skills that you will use the rest of your life.  Even if you
can not remember what Max Weber said about religion, you will be
able to ask big questions about the social world and write clearly.