Sociology | Statistics for Sociology
S371 | 10906 | VanWey

S371 is a statistics course required for undergraduate majors in
Sociology.  It provides an introduction to statistical techniques
appropriate for answering sociological questions through the
analysis of quantitative data.  The focus of the course is on the
application of these techniques to real data and real questions.

Descriptive and inferential statistics are covered in this course.
Descriptive statistics are used to describe or summarize sets of
numbers.  Inferential statistics are designed to test sociological
theories based upon samples of data when it is too expensive or
impossible to obtain all of the information needed from a population
of interest.  In this course, you will learn basic statistics for
answering questions about single variables (e.g. What is the average
income of a group of people?  How unequally are incomes distributed
in the group of people?) and about relationships between variables
(e.g. How does income change as people age? How different are the
incomes of men and women?).