Sociology | Advanced Topics
S660 | 25200 | Pescosolido

TOPIC: Medical Sociology II

This is the second course offered in the Department of Sociology
that focuses on medical sociology. While the first course covers the
social origins of illness (e.g., social epidemiology), the second
course covers how individuals, organizations and societies shape
their response to illness. Specifically, this course will deal with
issues of the lay response to illness, disease and healing options
(e.g., lay beliefs), the structure and utilization of medical care
advisors (e.g., utilization of formal medical services, the nature
and use of alternative health care systems), the nature of physician
socialization and its impact on health care (training, practice and
outcomes), the profession of medicine (its history in the U.S. and
other countries, the health care crisis, the consumer movement), and
the health care system (e.g., the social contract of medicine, the
rise of managed care, health care as a right, ethical issues in