Sociology | Advanced Topics
S660 | 25203 | Hallett

TOPIC: Social Interaction and Social Order

How is social order possible?  To answer this question, this course
turns our attention to the constitutive role of social interaction.
We will focus on social interaction as a crucible in which social
structural pressures and individual actions collide to create
society.  We will examine how social interaction is both the medium
and the outcome of social order.  Our focus on social interaction
will be a strong complement to our department’s rich understanding
of social psychology, and it will also be of interest to students
interested in the sociology of culture, social order, and
organizations.  To explore the connections between social
interaction and social order, we will start with some of the
classic “Chicago School” research and examine how it is being used
in contemporary research, and we will progress forward into
Goffman’s tradition, Garfinkel’s legacy, and micro sociological
studies of conversation as interaction.  At teach turn, we will try
to answer the questions “how is social order possible, and how is
this order created by interactions, and how does it enable and
constrain interactions?”