Sociology | Writing Seminar in Political and Economic Sociology
S700 | 10928 | Brooks

This is a writing seminar for advanced Sociology Ph.D. students. We
will be doing a lot of writing and re-writing! We will also pursue a
number of related tasks. One of these is to work on verbal/public
presentations of work. Another is to provide colleagues with
constructive feedback on their writing. A third is to consider
practical strategies for effective professional writing.

To this end, we will read and discuss a series of exemplary journal
articles (and occasionally, book chapters). I have sought to select
ones that effectively address the topic and audience at hand.
Generally, these are quite recent articles; that’s useful because
some features of professional writing vary considerably over time.
We need to be current. Of course, the course reader selections
should be appreciated for their effective writing. But they are also
impressive as pieces of sociological work. Pay close attention to
how different pieces situate themselves with respect to past
scholarship. It matters, for instance, whether your research is
situated in a densely-constructed literature, or instead whether you
are charting new terrain. This is one of the things that we’ll be