Telecommunications | Media Life
T101 | 11153 | Deuze, M.

We spend more time with media than any other activity in our life.
Obviously, this changes the way we think about, and interact with,
the world around us. During the semester we will trace the
development, examine the content, and explore the impact of media on
everyday life.

T101 Media Life is divided into different thematic sections, each
focusing on the relationships between new information communication
technologies, media industries, and the issues everyone faces in
everyday life: understanding and managing careers, relationships,
and identities.

Over the last several years T101 has enrolled students from all over
the campus, including prospective majors, minors, and beyond, and
has become an informal gateway course at IU. This course counts
toward Social and Historical Studies distribution requirements in
the College of Arts and Sciences. It may, or may not, also count
toward other degree requirements. For more information about which
requirements this course could fulfill see the College of Arts and
Sciences Bulletin at
2008/. If you have questions, or need additional help, see your
academic advisor.