Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Telecommunications
T195 | 25058 | Bucksbarg, A.

T195 Seminar: Music Video and Visual Music

Music Video and Visual Music will survey the terrain of popular and
experimental forms of audio-visual work, including music video,
visual music, experimental animation, film, video, motion graphics,
web animation and interfaces, web 2.0 video, DJ/VJ culture and live
A/ V performance.  Discussions and viewings/auditions will explore
how innovation and experimental practice are drawn up into mass
level industry.  The course will concentrate on the creative
expression of commercial, experimental and artistic practices, with
a focus on music video history and current VJ culture, through
readings, the viewing/listening of work and case studies of key
pioneers in experimental animation, film and video, as well as
through discussion and critique.