Telecommunications | Intro to 3D Digital Modeling & Animation
T364 | 11232 | Gillespie, T.

T364 3D Modeling and Computer Animation

This is an introductory class in 3D modeling and simple computer
animation. The class is designed for beginners with no 3D modeling
experience. Students should be familiar with basic design tools such
as Photoshop and Illustrator. There will be weekly design
assignments, classroom presentations and a final large animated
design project.

All work graded as acceptable (C), good (B) or excellent (A) except
for quizzes. Acceptable meets minimum requirements of assignment,
good is more than required, excellent is the best work in the class.

Work is due when assigned.

Weekly design assignments 30%

1  2 page critique of books selected and read by you from our
reading list 10%

1 in-class presentation of a 3D topic. Can be anything which
interests you. Can be a presentation on a technique, on another
piece of 3D software, on an application of 3D to movies, games,
other media, to business, medical imaging, political communication,
etc. Must be approved by Thom. A complete handout for everyone in
the room must accompany the presentation. Handout can not be a
collection of Powerpoint slides. Must be a written document which
explains the presentation and allows others to continue learning. 10%

Random quizzes on readings. (10%)

Paper story boards and working notes for Final project due four week
before presentation of Final Project. These story boards will be
judged on quality of thoughtfulness and attention to detail. 10%

Final design project which must be presented to the class in person
during exam time. 20%