Telecommunications | Advanced Production Workshop
T436 | 11235 | Kelly, S.

T436: Advanced Production Workshop
Dramatic Television Production: “The Wright Report”
Instructor: Susan Kelly
Mondays: 5.45 – 10.30
3 credit hours

Prerequisites: T206, T283, T351 or T356, or by permission of the

Description: For this version of T436 students will produce the
pilot episode of the original TV series “The Wright Report,” written
by advanced screenwriting students in the Fall Semester 2007. The
intent of the class is to give advanced students the opportunity to
build their portfolios, hone developing skills, and to provide a
collaborative working environment similar to that found in dramatic
television series production.  As with actual television production
personnel, students will have one primary position that they will be
expected to fulfill, such as Director or Script Supervisor, although
additional duties may be required to insure a successful production.
Because the finished show will be marketed for distribution it must
conform to all technical and legal standards of commercially
distributed video, with all documentation and licensing completed.
When applying for the class please specify the top three positions
you would like to hold, indicating your experience with each. Please
carefully read the description of each position provided on this

It is expected that students who apply for technical positions will
be advanced in their knowledge of that area.  Those applying for
positions for which they have little to no experience should
familiarize themselves with the duties of the position and determine
if they have the qualities necessary to successfully fill it.

The positions:
•	1 Writer
•	1 Producer
•	1 Director
•	1 Production Manager
•	2 Line Producers
•	2 Production Assistants

Technical Crew
•	2 Assistant Directors (First and second units)
•	1 Director of Photography
•	3 Camera Operators

2 1st assistant camera (focus pullers)
•	2 Continuity supervisors
•	1 Gaffer
•	1 Best boy
•	2 Grips

Design, Building, & Decorating
•	1 Production Designer
•	1 Set Decorator/Property Master
•	Location Manager

Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe
•	Hair
•	Makeup
•	Wardrobe

Post Production
•	1 Post Production Supervisor/Sound Designer
•	2 Sound engineers
•	2 Editors
•	Graphic designers
•	DVD producer
•	Web designer
•	Music Composer

•	Multiple characters (to be cast, not applied for)
•	Casting Director


Crew to document the making of the episode
•	1 Camera
•	1 Sound
•	1 Editor

Credit Hour Options: While most of you will take the class for 3
credit hours, some of the more specialized positions can be taken
for fewer hours. Those with a lighter load who want 3-credit hours
will be required to write a paper on their positions.

Structure: Because the show has been written with both studio and
field locations, there will be two production units running
simultaneously when possible. While scheduled for Monday nights, the
class will require shooting at times other than Monday: odds hours,
over the weekends, or when your girl friend is visiting. The hours
will be long, the commitment to excellence will be high, and the
rewards will be great.

Your grade will be based on the quality of your work in the position
you hold and as a team player as assessed by the Instructor of
Record and by the Production Team.
For more information contact Susan Kelly (