Telecommunications | WTIU Production Workshop
T437 | 11236 | Winninger, J.


The Department of Telecommunications Advanced WTIU Production
Workshop course is a very hands-on style class.  Early in each
semester the News Forum class develops and practices the skills
needed to: do setup of the set and lighting, audio production with
inputs and outputs, mini-DV tape capturing to the control room
server, camera work, jib work, prompter control, camera crew
positions, control room positions including the Server (recording
and playback), the Chyron Duet character generator “CG”, the
TD/switcher, and some directing opportunities.

This course is great for building your resume in news production
because you are expected to improve your “hands-on” practical
experiences in as many studio production areas as you can during the
semester. In additions to required attendance there are two journals
of the weekly course activities, a midterm examination and final
paper. Many students may end up in a commercial station that has a
daily news operation. It’s is great to be able to say you have some
practical “experience” working on a newscast when it come to landing
a job.

T-437 News Forum airs on WTIU 8-times during the semester.  The
program is seen in 23 counties in south central Indiana. The class
meets on Friday mornings from 8:30 to 12:15 in studio five.  There
are 12-14 positions available in News Forum. Please be sure to
register during your appointed time or your seat will be given to
another student.  Please let us know if you decide not to take the
class, so your seat can be offered to someone else.

Thank you,
John Winninger
Senior Producer / Director WTIU Educational Services
Adjunct Professor T437 News Forum and Our Town Series
Department of Telecommunications