Telecommunications | WTIU Production Workshop
T437 | 11938 | Winninger, J.

WTIU Our Town

Course Description:
WTIU public television seeks 3 - 6 students for participation in a
continuing television series, entitled “Our Town.”  This production
will showcase a community in the station’s 23-county southern
Indiana broadcast area.  Working under the supervision of WTIU
staff, and equipment and producers, students in OUR TOWN will help
produce a television documentary about these communities.  To date
the communities of Spencer, Bedford, Seymour, and Greencastle have
been featured.  The format is to looks at the town’s history, any
folklore, interviews with the citizens, leading industries or
businesses, the people of the community, and predictions about the
future developments.  The course will include traveling, meeting
with townspeople to determine interesting stories in the community,
researching, writing, videotaping and editing segments for the 40 -
50 minute program pledge version and a longer version for DVD
distribution by WTIU.

Once this community is identified the class members go out in the
field with the WTIU Producer to videotape interviews, sound bites,
town events.  Then the process of logging, doing transcriptions, and
editing the show complete the semester’s work. The program will be
featured in a 90-minute time slot on WTIU for the August 2008 fund
drive. Participating students will receive 3 credit hours and an on-
screen credit in the television program as a Segment Producer and
camera/editor.  This is a very hands-on designed class, and an
arranged flexible schedule is required.

Prerequisites:  T351 Field Production is a required prerequisite for
this class. Experience with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and AVID
editing systems are most desirable. The class participation requires
authorization of instructor based upon an interview and review of
previous work.