Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Industry & Management
T453 | 25063 | Deuze, M.

Topic: Ownership, Technology and Content

The media are part of the creative industries: companies both large
and small, spread across (and within) fields as varied as
advertising, marketing communications, computer and video games
development, film and television production, and journalism. These
fields are becoming more integrated and complex all the time 
because of globalization, digitalization, convergence, and a host of
other developments.

As a result, media are changing rapidly. Established structures and
procedures for managing, distributing, and marketing are disrupted
as the process of making media not only goes global, but also
increasingly includes the consumer in the creative process. This
course will examine how these trends influence the current
management, design, production, and marketing of media.

The literature for this course will focus primarily on readings in
the area of media production and management. We will closely monitor
the news about changes in the way media and telecommunications
industries operate, discuss specific cases, and each student will
develop their own strategic management plan for a company, industry
or media project of choice.

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