West European Studies | The Golden Age of Dutch Culture
W406 | 28051 | Ham

Topic: Daily life through the eyes of painters and writers

Taught in English; no prerequisites.  Course open to graduates and

The Dutch Golden Age was one of the most spectacular creative
periods in the history of the world. It was the time of Rembrandt,
Vermeer, Spinoza, Grotius, and the Dutch Republic as it was called
at the time, hosted many other renowned artists. It also had an
immense impact on global commerce, finance, shipping and technology.

In the first part of the course, we will briefly look at The
Netherlands, the rise of the so-called Dutch Republic; their
mentality and culture in particular.
The second and larger part of this course will go deeper into all
aspects of the Dutch culture. Special attention will be given to
Vermeer, Steen, Rembrandt, Bredero, Vondel and Cats.

All literature will be read in English and the course will be
conducted in English.

The course grade will be based on the following criteria: a paper, a
final exam, class attendance, clicker questions and participation in
class discussions.

Required texts:
* Reader
* eInstruction responsepad (clicker) 1881483717
* eInstruction activation code 1881483045