African Studies | Topics in African Studies
L400 | 32114 | Dlamini, Betty

Southern African Culture of Song and Dance

The Southern African Culture of Song and Dance Course will perform
selected traditional South African songs and dances using voices,
clapping and a few available and accessible traditional instruments
including "Emafahlawane" (feet-rattles), "tigubhu"
(drums), "tikotela" (tins), and "indweba" (whistle). The class’s
performance will reflect on various occasions and situations of the
various peoples of the Southern African region. Emphasis will be on
each performance’s relation to the cultures of the South African

The class will be divided into two main components, the performance
and the learning of Southern African traditional songs and dances.
The performance component will include warm-up exercises to equip
the body with the essential stamina, synchronization, agility, and
melodic awareness. The second part of learning will focus on
selected South African songs and dances, together with their
historical and cultural contexts.