American Studies | Comparative American Identities / Topic: Democracy on the Homefront: Exploring Race and Labor in Wartime America
A200 | 14189 | Karen Inouye

(3 cr. hrs.)

T/R 9:30-10:45 a.m.
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Class carries COLL A&H Distribution Credit

In this course, we will examine race and labor through the
experiences of a variety of groups, including Japanese American
internees, Mexican braceros, African American wartime industrial
workers, Latino “Zoot Suiters,” Victory Farm Volunteers, the Women’s
Land Army and Jamaican and Filipino farm workers. Examples of the
types of questions we will examine include:  Are race and labor
defined differently during wartime? How so?  What is the
relationship between race and labor? How are the lived experiences
and representations of these experiences both different and similar?