American Studies | Seminar in American Studies / Topic: Research Seminar in Language Policy and Planning in Education from Local, National and International Perspectives
G751 | 29683 | Serafin Coronel-Molina

3 credit hours
Instructor: Serafin Coronel–Molina
Class #29683 Tuesday, 4:00 - 6:45 p.m.
Class meets with EDUC-L630

Seminar participants are introduced to concepts, theories, and
methods in the field of language policy and planning from multiple
perspectives, which they then apply in developing their own library-
based research on specific language policy and planning cases from
around the world.  Cases may include: global languages, bilingualism
and multilingualism, official language decisions, instructional
medium choices, literacy initiatives (bi-literacy and multi-
literacy), gender-neutral language reforms, foreign/heritage/second
language pedagogy and policy, indigenous language and culture
revitalization efforts, endangered languages and linguistic human
rights, language attitudes and ideologies, or other language-related
decisions and policies at local, national and international levels.