Criminal Justice-COLL | The Nature of Inquiry
P290 | 26956 | Pruss

P290 is a course that seeks to introduce students to the
fundamentals of social scientific research methods.  The course is
divided into three general sections:  1) overview of concepts and
general principles of research, 2) quantitative methodologies,
including but not limited to experiments and surveys, and 3)
qualitative methodologies, including but not limited to
ethnography.  Students will be required to conduct several mini-
research projects throughout the semester, and will be expected to
actively engage in class exercises and discussion.

Readings:  to be announced

Requirements:  Grades will be based on exams, various exercises, and
class participation/attendance.

Class Meeting:  Two 75-minute lectures weekly (Tuesday and Thursday,

Course Will Satisfy:  CJUS core requirement

Instructor:  Heather Pruss, criminal justice department